Live Succulent and Cactus Terrarium Necklace Plants
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Pearls Succulent Terrarium Plant


Included: Pearls, terrarium and string for attachment. Ideal for live jewelry necklace! 

Pearls Boo-Boo Plant originates in South Africa, the plant latin name is Senecio rowleyanus 

Pet Plant watering Water once every 10-15 days during summer; and once every 20-30 days during winter

  Pet Plant light preferredTry to keep Light shade

 Pet Plant TemperatureAvoid temperature not in the range of 41° - 113°F

If you already have a terrarium Boo-Boo Plant and want to purchase just the necklace or clip, here is the Suede Necklace page , Woven Necklace page, Leather Cowhide Necklace page and Miniature clip page.

Looking for a gift but you are not sure which Boo-Boo Plant Or Live Plant Necklace to choose from?
Consider a Gift Card available here.

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