Live Succulent and Cactus Terrarium Necklace Plants
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Watering the Boo-Boo Plant

1. You need a shallow dish. If handy a water bottle cap will do the job.

 Live Plants watering guide - BooBoo Plant


2. It is best to use distilled or purified water. If not available tap water is acceptable. Pickup your live plant necklace and note that there are miniature holes at the bottom of the terrarium capsule that will allow water to access the moss inside the terrarium. Our goal is to get 1/4 or 1/2 of the moss submerged in water.

Living Necklace Plants - BooBoo Plant Watering guide


3. Hold the base in water for about 1 minute.  

Live Cacti Necklace plants - Terrarium necklace watering


4. Try to get only half the terrarium moss wet.

Tiny Necklace live plants watering guide

Avoid shaking the plant necklace after watering. Try to keep the Boo-Boo Plant still for a period of time while allowing the moss to harden. Avoid over saturating the moss for a prolonged period of time, this way you protect the roots of your plant. Keep in mind Boo-Boo Plants are succulent and cacti selection both of which don't like a lot of water.

If condensation builds on the inside of the terrarium capsule you can remove the top and let it air out. Avoid exposure to low temperatures after watering to prevent damaging the roots.

You could water your plant necklace upon receiving it for about 30 sec following the suggested interval thereafter. 

To determine watering intervals follow the watering specification under each plant description. All orders of live plant necklaces and keychains will include watering instructions.