Live Succulent and Cactus Terrarium Necklace Plants
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Your event with Boo-Boo Plant

BooBoo Pet Plant desktop decoration

Boo-Boo Plant is a unique and innovative approach to promote your events or advertise your business. It is a great idea for corporate gifts, wedding favors, church or birthday giveaways and much more. We offer a few ways to display your message via Boo-Boo Plant shown below. Customization doesnt apply to the plant necklaces, customization available for terrarium and packaging only. 

 Terrarium Capsule print:

Terrarium capsule print delivers style, simplicity and a great look. It could display anything from a colorful logo to a birthday invitation with all the information needed for attendance (time and date, where the event will take place, celebration purpose, etc.). The capsules overall may deffer from the ones displayed bellow, due to ease of use and plant growth improvements all of our capsules are modified view them by visiting the Family page.

BooBoo Pet Plant capsul logo or text printingBoo-Boo Mini Plants Capsule message printingMini Pet Plants Capsule Ad logo printingBoo-Boo Plant mini capsule text printing and logo displayBooBoo Plant Capsule Print
Capsule Print price chart


Packaging delivers all the space necessary for your logo and text, fully customizable to fit your needs. We can change the overall shape for you so the package could look like a heart, star, circle and so on. Bellow you can see a few of our standard packages
Boo-Boo Plants inside leaflet
Pick the shape define the text and let us do your design.

For orders and questions please contact us here.