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 BooBoo plant Perls

BooBoo plant Perls

BooBoo plant Perls

BooBoo plant Perls

BooBoo plant Perls

BooBoo plant Perls

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  • Jawaher on

    I ordered 2 boo boo plants from amazon and it’s arrived to my friend in US, I took it from her after 1 year when I saw her.. my plants now died :(, is there anything I have to do it to survive them?

    Thank you

  • Kenzi on

    AHHHH!!!!! These are so cute!!!!


    OMG! These tiny terrariums are the cutest things on the planet! I have 3 (from a different seller) and just ordered one from BooBoo Plant; which cost less than the other seller. I also ordered the most adorable little pot to transfer one of my booboo plants, which is now ready for transfer.

    I would definitely recommend this plant to anyone, and will order again. Just watch out for high shipping costs if you live in Canada.

    Charlene Y.

  • marta on

    OMG i never thought in a million years that cactus plant’s could grow in a lil bottle?? Thats why i always been in love with cacti….

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