Live Succulent and Cactus Terrarium Necklace Plants
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Is your necklace plant big enough and ready for a Boo-Boo Pot, if so chose the pot you like and let's get started with the terrarium transplanting procedure. 


1 Get your Boo-Boo plant and remove the terrarium capsule top. (here is how to remove the capsule top)

Live Necklace plants - Terrarium necklace plant's maintenance


2. Remove the terrarium capsule cover from the base. In case you missed the link on step 1.(here is how to remove the capsule top) 

Necklace Plants - Terrarium succulent plants

Cacti Necklace Live Plants - Boo-Boo Plant


3. Note that the base of your plant terrarium is half split. Use your fingers to pull it apart or even better you could use a knife. Once you have the edge inside the gap twist the handle and the previously split terrarium base should pop open.

Living Necklace Plants - Terrarium Cacti Plants

Live Terrarium Plants - Transplanting Boo-Boo Plant


4.  You could keep the moss around the roots or soak the moss in water to release the roots.

Live Succulent Necklace plants - BooBoo Plant


5. Now comes the Boo-Boo Pot (available here) or whatever ordinary container you may have handy. When transplanting your live necklace try to use succulent soil. 

Transplanting Miniature Desktop garden cacti and succulent plants

For more information on transplanting your terrarium plant, tips or suggestions please contact us. We'll do everything possible to answer your question within 24 hrs. Note that all orders of live plant necklaces and key-chains will accompany a short version of this transplanting tutorial.