Live Succulent and Cactus Terrarium Necklace Plants
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Removing Terrarium Top

1. You can remove the live necklace terrarium capsule by hand or using a tool.

Miniature Terrarium Plants - Live Necklace Plants - BooBoo Plant


2. Grip the terrarium capsule bottom and top and pull while twisting the base. Note that you don't have to remove the plant from your necklace to do so.

Live Necklace Plants - Removing terrarium capsule top


3. If the terrarium cover is tight and it won't remove by hand, a regular pliers or a knife could do the job. With a knife, stick the edge inside the terrarium capsules gap and twist the handle allowing the base to open.

Living succulent necklace flowers - removing capsule top from base


4. Now you have the plant necklace ready for reporting or maintenance.

Removing Terrarium Capsule from live necklace plant

If the terrarium capsule top is loose and it won't stay firm your best option is to use a knife and increase the gap of the bottom piece once the terrarium is assembled. This way you'll increase the size of the terrarium base while keeping it from falling out.

Please note all living plant necklaces and key-chains will include a short step by step instruction to this terrarium capsule removal guide.