Live Succulent and Cactus Terrarium Necklace Plants
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Pinky Rose Succulent Terrarium Plant


Included: Pinky Rose Succulent, terrarium and string for attachment.

Pinky Rose Boo-Boo Plant originates in South Africa, the plant latin name is Anacampseros refescens 

Pet Plant watering Water once every 30 days

  Pet Plant light preferredTry to keep Partial shade or Full Sun

 Pet Plant TemperatureAvoid temperature not in the range of 34° - 113°F

If you already have a terrarium Boo-Boo Plant and want to purchase just the necklace or clip, here is the Suede Necklace page , Woven Necklace page, Leather Cowhide Necklace page and Miniature clip page.

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Consider a Gift Card available here.

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